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  1. S&W - Gunsmithing
    The Performance Ctr 686 revolver has a different surface material and I would like to find forum members with experience in cleaning this gun. Specifically I am having a difficult time getting the powder marks off of the outside of the cartridge, and especially the front edge of the cartridge...
  2. S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    Can anyone give me some advice on a way to clean and remove the pitting from this revolver. I was told it left factory in 1927. Not sure what the finish is. Can I strip and blue the trigger and hammer? I don’t want to restore but I want it as good as I can get it in terms of aesthetics. Also any...
  3. S&W Semi-Auto Pistols Forum
    If I have a new or fully cleaned 9mm Shield, after how many rounds must I strip an lubricate it. I am a newbie and have no clue. For example, if I go to the range and fire 100 rounds, would I need a complete cleaning and lube? Should I just clean the bore after a session like that or do nothing...
1-3 of 3 Results