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  1. S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    Hi All, I recently joined the forum, and upon introducing myself I was asked to show some pictures of my Victory revolver (I hope they uploaded alright). This particular one has some additional history to it: It was brought by my father in law to Chile 🇨🇱 (South America) from the US. My father...
  2. S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    I have recently posted this on another S&W Forum and received some excellent feedbak so far. I wanted to make certain I was covering all the experts out there, so here we go. I have the above reference M&P, 4th Change, that is originally chambered for 38S&W Special (not 38 S&W) and has all the...
1-2 of 2 Results