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  1. What is it, When was it made, What's it worth?
    I just inherited this S&W Model 19-3 .357 mag it looks to be in great shape. I own many guns but this is my first revolver. Was curious what year it was made and what recommended ammo to use in it. Any other info would be great. Serial number on bottom under grips start with 4k14xxx. Thanks for...
  2. M&P 15-22 LR
    What ammo do you find best to use in your 15-22? I’ve only had the firearm for about 9 months and can’t get out to range as often as I’d like. I’ve had success using the Aguila SuperExtra able to put a few hundred rounds with no issue, but using Remington Golden Bullets and Winchester SuperX I’m...
  3. M&P 15
    Hello First time AR owner, a few questions please. 1. What is the recommended home defense ammo? 223 or 556....55gr or 62gr or other? Particular brand? 2. I picked up some Remington 223 / 62 gr and some Winchester 556 / 55gr ..... Is one better than the other for the range? Thanks ahead
  4. Ammo Forum
    i just got a compact mp .40 cal with crimson trace laser grips what is the best accurate ammo for this gun i only shot a box of winchester 180 yesterday . seemed ok anyone else had and better luck out of different brand and or grains?
1-4 of 4 Results