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  1. Lots of deals right now. New today: 35% OFF Smith & Wesson 66/66-2 Revolver Kits
    Hello again Forum Members, See today's EGP email news: There are several deals ongoing right now at EGP. Here's the rundown: For a limited time, we're taking 35% OFF Smith & Wesson 66 and 66-2 Revolver Kits* 25% OFF All NFA Kits* 50% OFF...
  2. Model 66-2 broken hammer stud, Help Please

    S&W - Gunsmithing
    Hi guys, I am brand new here and just beginning to enjoy the precision of Smith and Wesson Revolvers. Now I am going to ask you guys for some help, any assistance is greatly appreciated. I do a little light gunsmith work and was recently given a S&W Model 66-2 in .357 to work on. To begin...