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  1. S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    I am looking for a new hunting revolver and was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction. This would be my first revolver and I was wondering what everyone thought of the PC Model 629 .44 Magnum Hunter and the PC Model 629 Stealth Hunter. Also, how do they differ from the 629 Deluxe...
  2. S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    Hey all, I just got my first S&W firearm and got this version of the 629 website here : . I've shot a few rounds through it and have been practicing my trigger pull. I do have a question now however, and would...
  3. S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    I have shot my grandfathers s&w 629 since u was about 15 so almost 13 years. I bought a new one earlier this week and went to the range today, l. Now his has a scope on it so hitting targets at 75-100 yards was a cake walk. well today at the range i goto they have a 12" circle metal plinker...
1-3 of 3 Results