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  1. S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    Hey guys, I am new to the forum and also new to S&W. For a long time I wanted a .22LR Smith. I found one at a LGS last week, and I got it. It is a 17-3. The frame is in perfect shape, the problem is the cylinder has a little pitting-very little. I decided can not live with it. My options-so...
  2. S&W Semi-Auto Pistols Forum
    I inherited a 22LR CTG MOD 34-1 from my grandmother awhile back. Serial # is m49768. I'm very curious about when these were produced, and what they were purchased for. Not ever looking to sell it, but I guess I'd be curious about the value too. Anyone know where I can find out some history on...
1-2 of 2 Results