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  1. S&W Semi-Auto Pistols Forum
    Has anyone had the issue of not being able to get the barrel off of the 22A? I have the slide locked back and the release button just doesn't budge. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. S&W Semi-Auto Pistols Forum
    i bought a talo deluxe 22a a couple of weeks ago. i love the gun. it shoots great. i only have one complaint (other than a lack of aftermarket mods), so lets see if any of you guys have any advice for me. complaint 1: the safety switch is very stiff. i realize it should loosen up with use but i...
  3. S&W Semi-Auto Pistols Forum
    I'm new to the forum, and relatively new to firearms/shooting as well. I have owned a S&W 640-1 for a while, but can't afford to shoot it as often as I'd like! So, I have recently purchased a S&W 22A for target practice. I love the way it feels, and the easy take down. When I purchased it, the...
1-3 of 3 Results