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  1. S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    My dad and I used to go hunting together quite a bit. Since I've moved out to the city(ish) area of my state I haven't shot a gun or anything of the sort. My dad gave me this for Christmas this year! What a beautiful piece.
  2. S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    I just purchased a new in the box blued Model 14-3 SAO (TT) (TH) with a 6" barrel. Serial number 16K44xx. Can some help me with year of manufacture?
  3. S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    I have a blued model 14-3 38 special ctg revolver with a 6 inch barrel. Serial # K830*** Overall condition is good. Trying to find an approximate value for it. Can not find any information on one similar with a 5 inch barrel. Any help would be appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results