There are numerous pictures posted with the original ad and the first price cut on page two or three of the ads. The pictures don't do this factory engraved with silver inlay and the most beautiful Smith&Wesson Elephant Ivory Grips justice. To remind you all of the original paper work i.e. owners manual, NRA propaganda, saftey warnings, and the warranty card never filled out in an oak presentation case is included. The gun has been fired in the past lightly but is still a 99% gun.
My gun collecting has changed and I am stopping the gun trading business. It has been good for and to me and through keeping desirable guns and representing them honestly I have made lots of good friends but I have thinned out my collection and going to ad just certain guns one of which I am trying to buy right now. Because of this I am offering this gun for way less than I could have sold it for in the past, $3,800.00 plus $50.00 to your FFL dealer.
Any questions can be sent to me at:[email protected]