Today at the big show
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Thread: Today at the big show

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    Today at the big show

    I got up early this morning and drove the 75 miles over to Tulsa. Billie had to work so she let me go without a caretaker. Wanamacher's was like always, wall to wall people. I ran my gun fund low when I bought my 67 last weekend so I took a couple for traders. I saw this little Colt and stopped to look. I wound up taking some of his money and this little Colt home. The rules about all guns being tied makes for a pig in a poke deal. Some don't keep any extra ties. I got home, did a cleanup & inspect and went to the range. This little pre Woodsman is in great shape. It doesn't show very much wear on the slide and the bore looks excellent. I gathered up some CCI standard vel. and a few low vel rounds to try it out with. The standard vel worked with 0 problems. This pistol is in
    the 5500 range so it's probably 102 years old. The only real flaw is a large splinter broke off the lower front edge of the right grip panel. That may or may not get changed. If replacement grips are as hard find as I think they will
    be these may have to last another 102 years. Now I've got to go dig out my stash of Wolf Match extra. Been saving this for just such a need. Here is a pic of my little Colt.
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    That is a very nice Pony to add to your home. Bet it will shoot every bit as great as it looks.
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    That is a beautiful and wonderful find. Congratulations. Even better that you came home with the gun and "some of his money!"
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    Looks like a very nice Colt rim fire!
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    Sweet looking Colt you found! Congratulations. It should be a blast to shoot. Range report to follow soon?
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    Great find Sir! You have obviously exquisite tastes in firearms!
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