First I want to thank everyone who posts the daily laughs and musings. It is always a great start to the day, with a first coffee. It started with George, and then was picked up by others, and it's fantastic. A real lift.

Also a request. These postings are supposed to be funny. It says so in their titles. It's important to be able to laugh at ourselves and the things we hold dear. Life is too short. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury enjoyed a good poke at his faith for crying out loud.

So - if your moral or religious sensibilities are so frail that you just can't laugh, or you're just totally humor impaired, please consider not reading these posts, or just consider saving us all your indignation. Shake your head and move on. Without comment.

It's a huge downer, like watching a comedy show and then having ads for "Children without Pianos. Please give today".

I now return you to your regular programming.