This is a Great bit of History!
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Thread: This is a Great bit of History!

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    This is a Great bit of History!

    Now here's a picture to save for History!
    I came across an empty 50 cal ammo can at my Dad's house. It was a case of 22 long rifle rimfire ammo.
    People mention a gun or ammo at school today and it's on CNN.
    Back in the Day, this is how the Navy, Army and DoD shipped ammo to the High School. This can was shipped to North Augusta Senior High school. I practiced a lot and Me and my Rifle Team won many matches around the South with ammo that came out of this can.
    We not only had firearms in our cars and trucks, we carried pocket-knives. We got in fights like all kids do but it was a fight and Never escalated to a stabbing, shooting or worse!
    Times were so much better when it was OK to be the winner or to lose and all the Kids didn't think the only thing that mattered was themselves.
    Maybe I'm just a bit old for today's thinking but looking back, I hate that kids today can't have the same experiences.
    One of My Grown daughters favorite memories is when I took her to a set of railroad tracks and we put coins on the track before it got there. After the train passed, She loved the leaves made from the coins.
    I'm So Glad I found this history that is a part of My personal History!
    Please share Your personal Memories! That makes everybody's day brighter!
    Yall Take Care, JohnDFName:  a bit of history.jpg
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    I graduated in 81. I think probably 80% of the guys in my high school carried a pocket knife or a lock blade in a belt sheath. Never had a stabbing. During hunting season it was common to see rifles in pick up truck window racks. Even some teachers had a gun and change of clothes in the car to go out for small game after school or whatever. Those were the days.

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    yep the "loon" hand wringers know what's best for you.. You should use this bathroom or that bathroom... Unsure kids need an Ass whooping and 2 years in the service.. job done..

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    I learned shooting safety and marksmanship in High School, taught by my Biology Teacher. This was in an urban suburb of Chicago.

    We had DCM provided Winchester .22LR rifles, and a range dug out underneath the school itself. Those of us in the program tended to be the responsible students that achieved something during those years.

    Things certainly have changed...
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    Cheers! Marc

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    When I was in the 5th and 6th grade I carried a pocket knife every day to school, as did my other friends. We would play “stretch” at recess. Man, how times have changed.




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