Adapt Improvise Overcome
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Thread: Adapt Improvise Overcome

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    Adapt Improvise Overcome

    I started carrying Glocks in 1996 on and off duty when my agency went over to them from the S&W 5906. I retired at age 65 but my carrying of Glocks carried into retirement.Over my lifetime I have been rode hard and put of wet far to many times to remember and after my 70th birthday it was decided that I needed cervical spine surgery to attempt to repair damage to C3-6. Unfortunately after rehab I did not get any relief and over the next two years my left shoulder, arm and hand lost roughly 50% of their strength and function. This made it difficult if not impossible to rack the slide on my Glocks with my left hand as I am right handed. Malfunction drills required to me to put the weapon in my left hand to rack the slide with my right hand then switch back to the right hand and clear the malfunction with my left hand. For me this was unacceptable for an EDC so I went back to carrying my revolvers and speed strips. I sold my Glocks except for my G-23 which was my duty weapon. Couple months ago I was on the Glock Stores web site and saw an item called the CHAMBERMAX which attached to the rear of the slide replacing the factory slide cover and giving a larger area in which to grasp the rear of the slide to rack it. I ordered one of these CHAMBERMAX and attached it to my G-23 which now does bedside duty and I was able to rack the slide with my left hand, This item is well made and easy to install and my Glock fits into my High Noon carry holster with no issues. For anyone with issues like mine racking the slide with their off hand this may well be something worth trying.

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    Glad this worked for you. Know that Glock has some sentiment and good you can use it again.
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    Where there's a will , there's a way !

    Glad to hear of the 'fix' .

    Keep getting 'em , tiger .

    Best regards
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    Thats a great accessory. It is good to see manufacturing working to adapt guns for those with a disability

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    Cool!! Glad the little attachment will help you and others that have issues, whether someone has arthritis or other physical or neurological problem. Will keep this info to relay to my co-workers and patients. Thanks again.
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    Good Job Ron Adapt overcome improvise . Take the high ground !!
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