M&P 22 - Fun, more fun, inexpensive
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    M&P 22 - Fun, more fun, inexpensive

    My M&P 22 arrived on 5/9 and that night I gave it a good ole cleaning in preparation for today, range day. I got as much of the factory preservative off as I could possible get with my swabs, cloths, and brushes. I am the owner of a full-size M&P 9 so I was looking forward to the relatively same size .22lr platform.

    My initial impression was that the weapon felt solid. The frame felt as if it were the standard full-size M&P with the large hand-grip attached which was a positive to me personally. The M&P 22 does not have interchangeable backstraps so for it to come with a large hand-grip was the best possible option for me. The aluminum slide is much lighter than its steel counterpart on the full-size models and naturally the recoil spring has less tension to compensate for the .22 round. However, the firearm cycled perfectly, felt and sounded like a well-made instrument.

    Out at the range today I brought along 1100 rounds of .22lr ammo from three different manufacturers, but only had the energy to expend 500 rounds. Need more magazines!

    Federal Bulk Pack - 36 grain Copper-plated Hollow-Point
    Winchester Dynapointe - 40 grain Copper-plated
    CCI Mini Mags - 40 grain

    I started out with the CCI Mini Mags and put 100 rounds through the pistol downrange at a 3 yard target. I experienced 0 malfunctions, FTFs, FTEs etc. The weapon performed flawlessly. I have fired numerous target 22s prior to this and was always somewhat "undertained" by them; never could get too excited about them. However, the M&P 22 performed very similar to larger caliber models. I personally felt more in the frame of mind that I was using a combat pistol and not just a dinky target 22. The pistol actually responded with a bit of recoil and muzzle flip adding to the excitement.

    Following that I set it the target out to 7 yards, switched up ammo to the Winchester Dynapointes and decided to point-shoot from a tactical/close ready position in 2 shot sequences. Doing this I put roughly 200 rounds downrange...again with 0 problems from both the pistol and the ammo.

    Lastly I set the target out to 25 yards and decided to check accuracy. I switched to my Federal Bulk Pack - 36 grain HPs and personally got pretty good results. After 200 rounds I experienced only 2 failure to feeds (not sure of the reason).

    After 500 rounds and only 2 failure to feeds I consider this to be a perfect addition to a gun safe or collection. Its a reliable, accurate, enjoyable and most importantly (for me) cheap to shoot. I felt no guilt after today's range visit. I spent a fraction of what it would have cost me to shoot larger calibers. I feel my money was well spent, and I'm glad to add this to my quickly growing firearm collection and addiction.

    I was not bothered by the clumsy ambidextrous safety. I may remove it in the future for appearances only. I could do without it. The only thing that brought some concern to me was the trigger reset early on in the break-in period. For the about the first 75-100 rounds the trigger reset felt slow and gritty. It came around to a normal reset following the initial 100 round break-in and I attribute that to the shipping preservative working its way out of the trigger area. You'll see visible of the preservative in the photos below.

    Following the range I brought it home and decided to take some photos. Didn't clean it; wanted to display its proud breaking-in appearance. Hope this helps some of you if you're thinking about plunging into a combact/tactical .22 pistol. Oh yea...my Ruger SR22 is on the way...will probably do a comparison once it comes in.

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    Congrats on the new pistol and a great range review

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    Thanks for the great review and welcome to the forum!

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    Shot mine again yesterday. Not one hiccup with an assortment of brands, even some really cheap stuff ran fine through it.

    Very good review. Thanks!



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