how do I clean & polish the stainless steel 64
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    Question how do I clean & polish the stainless steel 64

    hi guys , i have a model 64 , the stainless is dirty
    and has minor scrathes , how do I clean & polish the
    stainless steel without damaging the finish ??

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    Re: how do I clean & polish the stainless steel 64

    We need a Sticky post made for this subject!

    First we need to see the pictures..
    That way we'll know if you need to simply clean and buff it, or need to transfer it to one of us that has experience on an overly dirty stainless wheelgun.
    Or, we might be able to advise you on how to do it the easy way. I'm just not sure which it is yet. It's really hard to mess up a stainless handgun if you're reasonably careful not to burnish off the sharp edges.

    Here is a link to a recent thread that cover the subject pretty well.

    Try Mothers Mag Polish. I bought some MAAS silver polish for mine and a soft polishing cloth.
    Just about any high quality Aluminum or Stainless polish will do wonders. An old CLEAN worn tee-shirt works very well, without adding more scratches from the rubbing. It's really very easy, but time consuming.
    If you were in the military, it's much like polishing brass. Not much fun to do it, but it'll make everybody smile with pride once it's finished. If not, it's really not a lot of work, but it take time and patience to get it evenly polished across all the surfaces.
    I've seen Stainless revolvers that reflect an image better than some mirrors.
    To remove any Lead deposits and gunpowder residue I'd recommend a Birchwood Casey Lead removal cloth, or another brand that serves the same purpose. Dremels are too small and will usually leave streaks if you aren't ultra careful. You can use a drill press and Jewelers Rouge if the speed is set slow enough.
    We have a couple of really good football games coming up in the next two weeks, so you'll have a perfect excuse for some couch time. Just tell your mate that you need to sit down and concentrate on the polishing and the TV helps relieve the intense focus required to do it right.
    I'm sure others will chime in shortly with some additional tips and help.
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    Re: how do I clean & polish the stainless steel 64

    Some of the things I use are:

    000steel wool
    600 wet sand paper
    Break Free
    Flitz(I prefer the paste, but it comes in liquid)
    wooden toothpicks
    cotton swabs
    rough paper towels
    metal and nylon bore brushes

    Try not to polish the top strap, they usually have a satin finish. I also remove the crane and cylinder, just to make any scorch marks easier to remove. I like the Flitz in paste form because you can see it dry on the gun and you are not as likely to miss a spot. Just apply it as if you were waxing a car. Any residue around the forcing cone and firing pin can be removed with Break-Free, and I use a broken wooden tooth pick to scrape any large pieces. As far as scorch marks on the front of the cylinder just Flitz it with the paper towels and use the 600 sandpaper with some drops of break free very lightly for any tough marks. Check under the star extractor for any buildup as well. Depending on how deep the scratches are on the frame or barrel use steel wool with a little break free to buff them out, if they are deeper do the same but use the sandpaper. One thing after using the steel wool on your gun it will discolor it and make it look dark gray, Flitz will remove it very easily. Oddly the bore is the last thing I clean with the chambers, just drop some break free down the barrel and chambers and use the metal brush lightly and then switch to the nylon. Using your brushes will spray the break free all over the frame and cylinder. Once you are done just wipe it down and then apply your favorite oil to the moving parts. I do all this by hand just because I used a dremel tool one time and I made it worse than it was. Hope this helps.
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