What Happened to my Brass
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Thread: What Happened to my Brass

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    Your media is still good, the brass is tarnished. Throw out the brass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msharley View Post
    Hey Jonesy,

    These fellers is steering ya all wrong!

    Yer .38 Special Brass is telling ya sumpin! Ya wanna send it all here!

    I have been using Lizard Bedding, for tumbling media.... about the last ten years. I cut up a Scotch Brite Pad, and put in a dryer sheet...when I tumble. The Dryer Sheet (torn in half) seems to take most of the dirt from the brass.

    Next, I'm going to try some BUCKWHEAT.

    Later, Mark
    Lizard bedding and dryer sheets!?

    Harry Potter/Hogwarts brass cleaning school?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SidecarFlip View Post
    Sent my cob tumbler to the Welshman a while ago. I'd say if you are set of cob, it's time to change it.

    If you ever go to STS, you will need to decap before tumbling.
    Another big advantage of this approach is your press will stay MUCH cleaner. I disassembled my 650 and cleaned it, it was filthy. I'm hoping with pre-decapping now, it will stay clean and smooth.

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    The 20 pound bags of reptile bedding (intended for snakes, lizards and other reptiles) is coarse ground walnut shells, exactly the same thing sold by gun shops as walnut polishing media. The difference is the quantity and lower price. I've had a bag for years, and it's only been tapped a few times.

    The dryer sheets will gather up dust from the media so that you can throw it away after a cleaning. This extends the life of walnut media.

    The magic comes with the words you say when turning on the tumbler's switch. They're secret words, and you have to know the sign before I'll speak them. (Hint - think bright and shiny).

    Ok... twist my arm: "clara et crus".....

    Before I tumble brass, I separate, inspect and wash it with dish detergent in the sink. After thorough rinsing, I dry it. Only then do I put it into the tumbler with a little polish. Make sure the polish doesn't have ammonia in it. That chemical reduces brass.

    I clean several thousand range brass pickups this way, and have good results.
    Cheers! Marc

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