How long have you been reloading, and what do you reload.
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Thread: How long have you been reloading, and what do you reload.

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    I guess I can post. Since the mid 70s'.
    Current: 9mm, 38sp, 357M, 40S&W, 10mm, 41M, 44sp, 44M, 223Rem, 35Rem.
    Past: 17Rem, 6mmRem, 22-250, 25-06, 30-06.
    Future: 380acp, 357Sig, 45LC, 454Casull, 243Win, 308Win, 30-06 (want to get back into 30-06), 6.5 Rem Mag, 358Win, 350 Rem Mag.

    All the past and future listed I have dies and components for but no guns for them.
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    S&W 1006
    S&W 610 6.5"

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    My teaching partner and I use that exact turret press for our classes. We actually bring it into class, and have an afternoon lab loading .45acp on it.
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    Cheers! Marc

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    About 10 years ago, I was in IPDA shooting 300-400 rounds/weekend so I had to start reloading my .45
    For the last year, I've only been working on long-range precision loads for my 6.5CM
    I have components and dies for my .270 and 5.56 but haven't actually loaded them yet.

    I mainly use my Dillion 650.

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