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Thread: Gun collection insurance

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    Quote Originally Posted by K22 View Post
    I signed up for the NRA coverage and also have homeowners which would cover a couple of my guns. Good records and lots of photos.
    My current policy with Lockton Affinity (I have it right here) states that documentation is only required if the value of the firearm is over Three Grand, of which I have 3. The rest are less than and don't require photo and serial number identification with Lockton, just my personal pictures and inventory.

    Besides, if Hillary has her way...(tongue in cheek), none will be worth more than 100 bucks when you turn them

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    Quote Originally Posted by SidecarFlip View Post
    That is unusual. Most homeowner policies only cover 2500 bucks loss.
    I was an adjuster that handled large losses for many years and I unintentionally cheated people who lost guns in fires for years by applying the $2,500 policy limit. The policy limit is for theft but loss due to fires or other named perils are up to the personal property policy limit. Guns destroyed in fires are easy to document because the barrels are in the debris with serial numbers normally readable. I handled a lot of arson claims where the homeowner caused the fire. I never had an arson claim where the owner left good guns in the house. When you investigate a suspicious fire, the first thing you look for is the remains of guns.

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    Why would you look for guns first as opposed to expensive jewelry, etc?

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    I'd be mighty careful insurIng firearms. Basic Homeowners covers about $2000.......that's it. Most of the time, it's very hard to collect from an insurance company. You have to provide 'proof' and 'value'of anything that you insure seperately.

    In 2011, a Micro-burst took down all of my big trees around the house. They offered me $3000..... I told them to 'stick it"! (That may have been my mistake! nothing.all the time!!!!) It cost me $ days of back-breaking work, to clean it up!!!!! I don't trust insurance companies, mostly........but I do have insurance annuities that I am collecting in my retirement. It's a lot better than a bank! Just look back to 2008!!!! Bob
    When you want the BEST! Bob

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    Get a heavy fire proof safe. . Place a heat and smoke detector above its location and a fire supression extinguisher and an alarm system inside the safe. . Skip the insurance You will save money in the long run.

    Just my thoughts
    TO Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth.

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