I was trained with and carried the Taser while on the job and having been subject to being tased and seeing others receive "the ride" know that the Taser is a good less than lethal force option. No nothing is an absolute however in my personal expierence I never witnesses a failure to incapacitate.

Now retired I have a Taser C2 immediate available when out and about. Taser has just released the new Taser Pulse for civilian use and it is in a format that is easier to use than the C2 and more like the Taser that is used by law enforcement. I am considering upgrading to the Pulse.

I thought some might be interested in this self defense option and have attached the information I received from Taser. I sent it to a couple of my liberal relatives and friends who are not comfotable with carrying a concealed firearm and got back some positive responses from them as liking the Pulse as a self defense option they are going to seriously consider.