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A true event that occurred a long time ago, to a coworker who ALWAYS ate 3 or 4 of the dozen donuts we'd bring in, was that when he was out of the room, I took a jelly donut and squeezed out the jelly. Then, I took a plastic mustard squeeze bottle, and re-filled the "jelly donut", putting a dab of the jelly back in the opening. Nobody touched that last jelly donut, but he couldn't help himself. The look on his face when he chomped down and chewed the first third of that donut was "priceless".....

Retired coworkers of mine STILL remind me of that stunt! LOL

(That kinda pales in comparison to the time one of my technicians was on the phone with his girlfriend....)

We had a phone console that had the ability to connect to the PA systems of all the plants, for emergencies, and I patched his call onto that system.....he was talking away with his girlfriend, and all the plants were listening in.....

The boss comes running out of his office, and screams at him "HANG UP THAT PHONE". (THe boss had gotten a frantic call from on of the VP's).

The Tech has no idea why, and thought it was pretty rude, so he casually concluded the conversation while the boss yells again "HANG UP THAT PHONE !".........

Ironically, today, that guy usually greets me with "HANG UP THAT PHONE !" LOL
We had a company email system, home grown, and it had a bug. It seems if you had a draft, and didn't send the email, it kept that draft in memory. Then if you started a new email, or replied to an email, that draft was appended to your email as it went out, and you didn't see it happen - it just did.

One fellow was having a long distance affair with a colleague in another country. There were lots of travel opportunities, and one or the other was always visiting, on the company dime. Well, this fellow starts a draft about what he's going to do with his paramour when he sees her again. Vivid description, kinky and vivid. Real kinky. Then he saves the draft, and starts an ALL-COMPANY email....... yes his draft was appended to a message he was sending to the entire company. He had no idea it happened until he started getting hundreds of replies ... which were all over the map from "can I watch" to "did you intend this to be attached" to the last one "come to my office - NOW". Both he and the girl were terminated on the grounds they misused company resources and violated proper decorum - they were both married, but to other people.