If we could manufacture goods like Dems Manufacture Lies.......
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Thread: If we could manufacture goods like Dems Manufacture Lies.......

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    If we could manufacture goods like Dems Manufacture Lies.......


    Pretty much hits nail square on and shows exactly where they stand.

    "To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead."

    Thomas Paine

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    Now, if we could help individual voters broadly understand both the motivation for and the impact of the liberal socialist Democrat lies, and ensure that they were soundly rejected at the ballot box, we'd be quite a bit better off.

    American can manufacture goods much better than Democrats spew forth lies. All we need is for an over burdensome, invasive, lawsuit happy government to get out of the way.

    But that won't happen as long as we're turning out more greedy lawyers than doctors and giving them enough influence to manipulate government into more powerful positions.

    Without the ability to serve the American people, and only a corrosive need to use power to dominate others, Democrats think they can apply any and all means necessary to amass control.

    Earning the right to govern is no longer a goal, or even possible. Democrats must bribe citizens with the transfer of other people's money, destroy American creativity and ingenuity with regulation and work to pacify the world's truly dangerous regimes with "American last" thinking. Absolutely disgusting.
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    Democrats manufacture lies because it's all they have, everything else they've tried has failed miserably.
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    What is truly sad is that Democraps keep getting elected despite the messes they create. Their voters are so blinded they might as well walk around with bags on their heads so nothing effects their delusional world.
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