What happened at Smith&Wesson customer service ?
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Thread: What happened at Smith&Wesson customer service ?

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    Whew! After much effort on my part, S&W requested the gun back to replace the barrel as a "courtesy". I was already searching for a good custom shop to do the work but I got a phone call from CS asking for the gun to make things right.
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    Well Good Heck! Good on You! Persistance pays off. S&W must have had alotta calls and decided in yer favor. Good Shooting and range report when ya git'er back?

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    And what happened? Did it come back ok? Any more problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carvin125 View Post
    I'm new to this forum but not to shooting ,or to firearms in general. Recently I bought a new Smith&Wesson m&P shield in 9 mm as a carry piece for summer. When it arrived I physically could not fully load either of the mags that came with the pistol. I tried everything and even took it back to the store where I purchased it and asked the owner to give it a try. Neither of us are small guys and certainly have the strength to load a mag. I can get 5 rounds in the 7 round mag and 6 in the 8 round mag . I then called customer service and told them of my problem. They reccomended i load both mags fully and let them "settle in for a couple weeks " I told them that the entire issue was that the mags could not be fully loaded. I asked for another rep to advise me. I was told by him to buy a wooden school ruler and pump the springs a couple thousand times to weaken them and "wear in the followers" At this point I was so shocked and pissed off that i oiled the pistol and reboxed it . My point is i bought a new pistol to carry and S&W treats me like a newby and ignores the problem completely. I was ready to sell all my S&W's and go with a brand that stands by it's product ,and customers . I have had great luck with Kel Tec , Taurus, Glock and even Hi point. S&W is not the company I once knew. I bought a $400.00 pistol , not a gun kit. This thing should fully function out of the box ,or shouldn't pass quality control at the factory. My next choice will be something from a company who respects their customers and wants return business. I have 9 other S&W's I won't part with the Wheel guns , but the rest are for trade or sale. Thanks for nothing Smith &Wesson !
    I had the exact same problem with mine. I asked for this forums advice and was told to get an Uplula mag loader. Never had a problem since.

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