Recently Banned For Life....
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Thread: Recently Banned For Life....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaximumLawman View Post
    ....from another S&W Forum for apparently not being enough of a sycophant and moderator worshiper as the regular back-slapping bobble heads there. Hope I can be accepted and control myself here! 28-year police officer and regular Smith and Wesson carrier. Have a blessed day......
    Good to see you here Max. You can now forget about having to look over your shoulder every time you post here. Great bunch, so far no anal retentives here, and I have yet to see anyone get snarky with other members. Oh, and that MOD Wendy, she is the standard by which all MOD's should be too Gearchecker.Name:  take_a_bow-1287.gif
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    Welcome to the forum sir!
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    Different forums, different moderation styles. It is what it is. Put it behind you and move on, the general concept of name calling and other forum bashing is generally frowned upon, not only here, but at many different forums. As many people here know, there are plenty of members from this site that may also frequent another site, in fact someone's relative may be one of those worshiped moderaters at another board. You just never know when or where you will run into the same person on a different forum.

    So far, this thread has been a mirror of what this forum is about, polite, helpful people, welcoming a new member to the fold. I can remember when it wasn't that way.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Greetings, & welcome to a "Fine Community"
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    Welcome from Raleigh, North Carolina.

    About the only limits I have seen posted here are to keep the language to what you'd want your children to read.

    Ideas to share and full discourse seem to reign here...

    Oh... and use the "Like" button (appears in the lower right of the message when you hover over it) liberally.

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    Cheers! Marc

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    Welcome to the upgrade. I did not get banned, just found the best one and stayed. Still learning things and just enjoying the time here.
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    What's past is past. Welcome!

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    Has anybody warned him about Injunbro?
    He is someone every new comer should know about!!!

    JK of course.
    Whatever you do, don't ask Injunbro if he would like to have a piano you are giving away.
    Be prepared to enjoy yourself. We get serious a lot of the times but we do have some laughs along the way.
    Over all, I'm very proud to be a member of this group simply because of the really good people here.

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    Welcome from Oregon!

    Man. Every troublemaker on this site had to post on this thread. You are in good company.

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    yeah - what they said! All of 'em!

    What I believe sets this forum apart from any other I've been on, is tolerance. Tolerance to bad spelling and other foibles. Other sites, someone might correct a factual error but won't stop there - they have to question your ancestry and rate your IQ lower than your shoe size. Now that may make the poster on the other forum feel all macho, but the rest of the readers ... not so much. Least of all the fella that made a simple typo...

    Funny? There are some fellas here, I'll read any post they make because it will be thoughtful, or funny, or both.

    We have our opinions, some rather stout, on pert-much everything. But no one gets their panties in a twist over it. Factual errors or even differences of opinion are simply stated as such. The collection of knowledge here is astounding. Not just things "S&W", or even things "firearm", but cars, bikes, rocket surgery, brain science, you name it.

    Mostly it's respect. You got it here.
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