A Tale of the Gun...
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Thread: A Tale of the Gun...

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    A Tale of the Gun...

    15-22 that is! My youngest daughter came down last weekend for a visit. We hit the range on late on Saturday and then later on Sunday after church. That girl when through 1,200 rounds and would have shot more if she could have stayed a little longer! My left-thumb got sore loading the magazines for her. It was a joy to watch her shoot. On Sunday afternoon as she was winding up she said, "I like this better than my rifle (Ruger 10-22).

    Today I slipped off to the range for some quality trigger time. I'd been saving ammo for when she and her sister came to visit, so I'd not gotten to shoot the 15-22 hardly at all. Today... that changed! In the space of about an hour I had an absolute blast shooting shooting that wonderful little rifle at anything and everything that was set up for targets. The owner told me I could have at it... so I did. Someone had hung a 7.5 inch circular saw blade on a wire. If you hit it, it'd swing wildly. I found that with practice I could hit the thing repeatedly while it bounced around. One run I got it 20 out of 25 shots firing pretty fast. They had installed a little flapper type target near the floor which had a spring to make it rise back up after being hit. My best run on it was 24/25 shots and that was shooting as fast as it'd reset. They had some steel washers hanging that someone had spray painted red, this made them hard to see against the dark background. Nevertheless, if you could pick it up in the shadows, it was possible to hit the washer. I was very pleased.

    I was really impressed with how well the rifle shoots. I've fired it before but not at action type targets. With the heavy service type trigger, I didn't expect to such good results. I found the rifle is simply perfection using CCI Mini-Mags and CCI AT. I had some Norma .22 LR which has a plain lead bullet. These shot very well, but occasionally one would not feed. I could not find a problem w/ the magazines. The ammunition is very oily. I do not know if that had anything to do with it or not. Ejection of empty brass was identical regardless of the ammo used.

    The one and only things about the 15-22 that I have not been wild about is the collapsing buttstock, it simply does not strike me as particularly strong much less stable. Today I was shooting it extended and getting good results. Then I ran it all the way in and tried shooting it. I was very pleased with the results. Firing off-hand I was able to shoot several nice round five shot groups that were no more than 1.5 inches across. I would have shot more groups, but I was having more fun shooting the various moving type targets so I switched back to that line.

    All in all, that little rifle has digested 1,600 rds. in the last two weekends, 1,200 with my daughter and 400 today with me. I have saved ammo and held off shooting it b/c I was concerned about finding more. Today I just decided to shoot the stuff and hope more can be found. In fact, shooting that 15-22 was fun enough that if I can I'll just keep buying .22 LR and not worry about shooting my larger rifles so much. I can't go out and fire this much ammo every month. I have enough saved so that when the girls come they can shoot all they want (maybe...yeh, maybe). If I can go out occasionally and shoot a little bit it will be real nice. I can't remember when I've had so much fun simply going to the range and shooting! Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Sincerely. brucev.

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    Good on you for just shooting for shootings sake. I so miss the days of just blasting a brick or so of .22 (My favorite caliber) and not feeling like I'm making a mistake on several levels. Shooting and good daughter time, gets no better.



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