Spending time with the young son and realizing how things have changed. I vividly remember walking into a hostile crowd with my boy, not scared by the taunts and jeers, holding our ground as he placed his 'Pinewood Derby' entry onto the track so many years ago. 2nd place, not bad with all the 'ringers' in the crowd, but considered it a good day.

Yesterday (night) the same deal, we initially drove into a hostile crowd, bloodied combatants flaying about, but when antagonists ran, we had to back up the vehicle and follow, incredible driving! My 'Pinewood' hero ran after a bleeding and dangerous man, ending up in the middle of the 'main drag' of Phoenix AZ, a small stupid crowd from a trendy restaurant screaming at him, surrounding him in fact and snapping pictures/video as they fashioned themselves to be some weak 'Baltimore or Ferguson' protest icons, all the while he's struggling with a crazed, drug induced maniac, weapons status unknown, thank you by-standers.

I would have gladly helped, but I was left with a patrol car and 5 other transient fighters, the upside being it was dark and difficult to see how many there were, SWEET! Ahh, this is easy for us boys from Arizona and generally works out more in our favor, certainly not for the runner! By the way, this is our 'Pinewood Derby' world back in the day..... no running, chasing and handcuffs involved!

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