Been reading so many books my G&A magazines are backed up!
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Thread: Been reading so many books my G&A magazines are backed up!

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    Been reading so many books my G&A magazines are backed up!

    I'm conducting an 'Exlax' type of plan to catch up on the back-log of gun mags so I can get back to other books. I'm also backed up on my "Imprimis" periodicals from Hillsdale College, always good reads. I'm an admitted slow reader, always have been, but a fast writer and can out-run most any keyboard regardless of the settings with my typing. I also put the "Rush Limbaugh" newsletter to the front of the stack, but once I whittle out some periodical space, I'm on to read Bill O'Reilly's "Killing Patton" book, something I'm looking forward to. I've read all the "Killing..." series and they're good books. This will be good as I was always hooked on "Patton" and expect this to be a good one!
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    I have a copy of Killing Patton on my 'to read' bookshelf. My uncle who served w/ him in WWII believed Patton was killed because too many people in high places felt he was uncontrollable but popular enough to become President... ever wonder what the world would have been like w/ him as Prez?
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    Rush I'm caught up with but Patten needs to be added to the read list. Thanks for the reminder



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