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Thread: Interesting..

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    Question Interesting..

    If I contribute to the GOA, it's tax deductible. If I contribute to the NRA, it isn't. What gives with that?

    One thing about the GOA I like, I don't get junk mail every month pandering for money. The GOA is much more laid back.

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    Not sure on the tax deductible angle. SOME NRA donations are deductible. Depends on the “branch” - for lack of a better term. I would think a donation to Eddie Eagle programs would be but maybe the NRA-ILA might not??

    The GOA doesn’t seem to have the same legislative approach the ILA guys do. GOA’s is grass roots - send those emails and make those calls!!

    I’m a life member of both. Not real impressed with the NRA of late. Don’t feel my donations should be going to put caviar on LaPierre’s plate at night.
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    The NRA lost me. My money is better spent with
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    There are a couple of "not for profit" classifications for organizations.

    When you qualify with the IRS for a "501c3" not for profit status, it's generally based on being an educational organization or a direct charity. They are not "action organizations". Contributions to these can be tax deductible, but the recent tax law changes have eliminated all but the largest donations from having impact. These organizations are not allowed to lobby government institutions for legislative changes.

    When you operate to influence politics, you setup a "501c4" Social Welfare organization. These organizations are allowed to lobby government institutions including legislatures in order to pass legislation. Contributions to these organizations used for lobbying expenses are not tax deductible.

    Many organizations setup both styles of not for profit. Each must file IRS 990 disclosures every year, but these are typically 18-24 months old before becoming public.

    If you look into the operations of the gun grabber groups you'll see a couple of interesting things. First, the amounts of money being funneled through them are huge, multiple millions of dollars every year. Second, the organization are lead by people getting huge saleries. Half a million a year is not that unusual. Finally, the organizations morph in and out of existence at a rate that allows them to conceal operations under a string of similar names faster than the details of their operations are made public. The Bloomberg mommies are typical as they have gone through "Moms Demand Action", "Mayors Against..." and "Everytown" monikers. Tracking them is like swatting mosquito swarms in an infested swamp.

    GOA is a worthy champion of gun owners at a National level. I am a member, and donate to them. When NRA ILA remains silent, we see regular GOA materials ready for forwarding and amplifying to congress.
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