In light of all the recent "shootings" We need legislation on Serial Killers
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Thread: In light of all the recent "shootings" We need legislation on Serial Killers

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    Sgt Friday was from California. Which even back then was violating the Constitution. For years Jack Webb repeated the same radio episode about the parents who left a 22 rifle with ammo where their untrained son got his hands on it with the result that his best friend ends up dead. He's carrying the rifle and when he drops it it somehow "goes off". The NRA back then objected. And Jack Webb's response was to have the same episode played every Christmas. The episode was also done on TV. Jack Webb was not 2A friendly. Last year I watched the enire run of the oringal Hawii Five 0 and was disgusted by an episode in which Jack Lord as Steve McGarret blames a pistol for the crimes committed with it. Its stolen and keeps showing up in the wrong hands, including a boyassuming its a toy. shoots his sister. Hawaii hasn't granted a conceal carry permit in decades.
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    Bring back public hangings.. If the perp knows his 15 minutes of fame is gonna be pictures of him hanging with a broken neck and pee running down his legs, maybe they might look for something else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrerick View Post
    Besides, what better proof does anyone need to understand that you cannot legislate morality.
    Add to that "You can't legislate CRAZY".

    Yes , you can put crazy on a list.
    But doctors are not gonna do that and liberals are not gonna let them.
    Much easier to legislate every one instead.

    Also need to grasp the idea the world cannot be made SAFE. All you can do is protect yourself.
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