I had posted a while back about a set of Hogue grips that I purchased from S&W. Members here noted that the grips were correct for my gun, but were missing a threaded clevis and the screw to retain the grips. I contacted S&W about this, about all they said was yep, they need those parts. I asked can I get those parts, then I get crickets, no more response.

I email Hogue last night asking can I buy these two items. I receive an email replay before I wake up, and the very pleasant email is yes, we will supply those, at no cost to you. I had stated in the first email that I was willing to pay for these, that this isn't Hogue's issue. They want to send them at no cost, and are happy to help.

I believe in spreading good customer service experiences when ever I encounter it. Hogue is a stand up company, willing to help me when the sales was not directly theirs.