Lone Star Stag Grips and Mike Palmertree
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Thread: Lone Star Stag Grips and Mike Palmertree

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    Lone Star Stag Grips and Mike Palmertree

    I cannot recommend any one to use Lone Star Stag Grips or Mike Palmertree. My experience with him only left me feeling lied too and I feel thankful I was able to get my money back from PayPal. I have detailed records of what I am about to share as I believed at one point I was going to have to get a lawyer and take Mr. Palmertree to court for fraud. This review is only to tell you what I experienced and based on fact which I can supply.

    I contacted Mr. Palmertree Nov 30th and we had a long phone conversation. I ordered 3 grips to be made for various revolvers. Mr. Palmertree assured he could perform the work and deliver the grips. Within minutes of hanging up the phone I received a PayPal bill for the order, which I promptly paid. Not only did I never get the grips, I had to get reimbursed from PayPal, not Mr. Palmertree.

    Here is a step by step detail of what happened throughout the order.

    Nov 30th 2018, ordered grips and was told they would be delivered “week after Christmas before the New Year”.

    December 31st (4 weeks) after no correspondence, I reached out. I was told he needed a “little more time as he was still catching up from Christmas”.

    Jan 10th (6 weeks), I texted asking for an update. He said, “Its 4-6 weeks”. I replied, “Another 4 to 6” to which he said “no from the time you ordered”. When I told him it had been 6 weeks already, he asked for 2 more weeks to complete.

    Jan 24th (8 weeks) I asked for an update via text and received a response of “still working on them”. I found this unacceptable and called Mike. We had a long talk and he told me he was working on the grips, they were hard, and that he took a break and went from project to project. He admitted he didn’t keep track of orders well and promised things and forgot. Plus, “days all blended together since I am so busy”. He assured me he could have the grips to me no later than Feb 3rd. I told him I had to have them for a show on Feb. 16th and he said he would have them done, looking great, and in my hands NO LATER THAN Feb 13th.

    Feb 12th (11 weeks), I asked for an update to no response.

    Feb 13th, Mike texted me that he was in hospital and had been there “for about a week”. He promised to call me tomorrow (Thursday) on his release.

    I heard nothing so on Feb 18th (following Monday) I asked for him to call me. He responded with, “can I call you tomorrow, I am taking a breathing treatment”.

    After not hearing and not having my phone call answered, I sent a text at 2 pm on Feb 19th asking for a full refund. Mike texted back and said he would refund my money (PayPal), “when he got back to his shop”.

    Feb 20th, no refund.

    Feb 21st, no refund.

    Feb 22nd (13 weeks), I asked him to call me. On the phone he said he didn’t push the right button and “resubmitted” the refund in PayPal.

    Feb. 27th, PayPal canceled the refund due to lack of funds. Mike told me that PayPal was messed up and it had done that to him a few weeks before. He said he would call them.

    Feb 28th, nothing from Mike

    March 1st, I called him as I was finally out of patience. He told me that due to his medical issues he had no money. He asked if I could give him through the weekend and he could send me a cashier check the following week. It was at this time he mentioned the worst thing out of this whole ordeal. When I offered to take the grips I ordered and have someone else finish them, he told me, “I never started the grips”. So even though I was given several updates on status and told they were just a few weeks from being done, the truth is Mike took my money and never started the grips according to his own words on March 1st. When I said you didn’t even start the grips, his reply was “that doesn’t matter”.

    March 5th (15 weeks), I contacted Mike. He did not have the money and asked me to create a claim with PayPal so I could get my money back and he said “PayPal can figure out how to get the money from me.” I started my claim that day.

    March 18th, (17 weeks from the start of this disaster) I finally was refunded my money BY PAYPAL.

    This is just my experience with Lone Star Stag Grips and Mr. Palmertree. Mr. Palmertree took my money and then directly lied to me about the progress of my grips. I am not sure if Mr. Palmertree truly fell ill in early February of this year. Regardless, he had plenty of time to complete my order. However, not only did he not, he never started it despite telling me he had been working on them.

    If he is really ill, I certainly hope he has a speedy recovery. Unfortunately due to my experience with him, I could never recommend his services.
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    Sounds like another shade tree mechanic working out of the back of his van on weekends.

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    Sorry to say That I've experienced a similar problem. After ordering grips in March I waited the 6-8 weeks minimum and here it is July and I still have nothing to show for it. I just filed a dispute after reading of your problems.

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    Sad to hear the fleasing is going on, he sounds like a real piece of work.
    That said ,,,, I hope this does not infect and affect Zane at Lone Star Custom Grips who by all accounts is a super stand up guy.

    Maybe it already has as this is on his website.
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    Where am I going ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and why am I in this handbasket ?

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    My dad always taught me, “two types of bad payments, an early one, and a late one” so true.. glad you got it worked out. There is a lot of criticism of PayPal, it worked out for me, when some folk, are all hat, no cattle..

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