Picking up a Romanian PSL in a couple of weeks - Yeah!
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Thread: Picking up a Romanian PSL in a couple of weeks - Yeah!

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    Hey Gearchecker, I think your gonna have FUN !
    I could have predicted the accuracy negitivity,,,, folks draw conclusions without doing the homework.
    As you collect Mil-Surp you know this,,,,,,, others may not.
    First off , you cannot compare a mass produced milatary tool to a custom bolt action and measure accuracy. Different yardstick.
    Second, you cannot shoot surplus com-block spam can ammo and expect under 2-3 MOA. Most is steel core machine gun ammo made in different countries with lax specs.
    Third mil-spec is just that. Many who get CMP O3A3 rifles are disappointed that accuracy is just average as are many M1As.. Often you must do a LOT of work to them to get them shooting right. Seldom out of the box perfection.
    I found HUGE strides possible hand loading for Mosin Nagants over spam can ammo.

    Similar rifles ? I have a VEPER 762x54 and a Seiga 308 and NOPE , I do not hand load for them ,,,,,, . Their appetite is to large and you can't find the brass!
    That plus I bought them to be semi auto , iron sight, spam can shooting , fire breathing fun guns !
    The holes don't have to touch.
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    Interesting comment. With any and all firearms, I do my homework (and Gearchecker knows that). The 2 AK's I owned (and don't anymore) were capable of shooting around a corner but for downrange accuracy at any distance, no way Jose'.

    Having said that, I'm not and never will be an AR or AK person. Don't care for them. I bought them as an investment and sold both for a substantial profit. No black guns here (or phosphate coated) for that matter. Maybe black Cerakote but thats it.

    If that is what Gearchecker wants, so be it. Not my cup of tea and never will be. Like Tridgecon scopes, I'd never own one even if someone gave me one, it would go in the trash can.

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    I tried handloading for mine it didn't help with the accuracy. As for 03A3s, I shot this five shot group with mine at 100 yards with the iron sights. The high shot was the first, I took a six o'clock hold on the white bull the other four I held on the bottom of the red. My Dragunovs now rest in the back of my safe. I'm sure you will enjoy your new rifle and I don't mean to rain on your parade, I was just disappointed with the results I got from mine.
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    I'm strictly looking at it as a fun gun, and it'll be a profit maker in the future considering what I'm paying for it. The big bonus is the 500 extra rounds of ammo I'm getting with it. I'll more than likely sell the second scope, and possibly put the russian scope on my AK-47. Any way I look at it, it's for fun, and when I get bored with it, or somebody inherits it, it'll be worth much more than what I'm paying for it today.
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