Seeking .460 Rowland recipe w/ VihtaVuori N350
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    Seeking .460 Rowland recipe w/ VihtaVuori N350

    Hello, I just got the Clark Custom Guns conversion kit for my 1911 and I have some N350 powder I've been putting around with for my 45 acp reloading. However, I haven't been able to find any info on reloading .460 Rowland with the same powder. It seems like my only help may be buying QuickLoad >.<, but then I thought I'd ask for some help here. I understand N350 might not be the most ideal powder to use, but if it's decent then that's fine. I just can't find any Accurate No. 7 and that seems to have the best reviews. Anyways, thanks for any help/input!

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    Another thread in the wrong Forum. Must be something in the water recently.




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