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Thread: Fiocchi Pistol Ammo....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocZeus View Post
    Amen to that, ArchangelCD.....for carry of ANY of my .32 ACP's, it has THAT Fiocchi load stuffed in it....I believe they load it to European standards, and it IS hot! The anemic, 71-grain FMJ loads that U.S. manufacturers have loaded for years, can't hold a CANDLE to the Fiocchi stuff!

    For those of you wanting a high-quality carry .32 ACP, and may not be aware of them, the FN1910 in the pic above, makes for an excellent EDC gun in this "mouse-gun" caliber.....They can still be had on the used market for less than $350, all-steel, hand-fitted, all of mine have been 100% reliable, and VERY slim and easy to conceal.....The Browning 1955 model was the later incarnation of these pocket .32's....

    Also, Fiocchi's 115 grain 9mm HP stuff (Fiocchi #9APHP) does REALLY well in all of our Glocks and other 9mm compacts; premium SD ammo at HALF the price of other premium brands, and in 50-round boxes to boot, versus the standard-these-days 20 rounds....I checked some of it with a buddy's chrono, and it does achieve the advertised 1250 f.p.s. in BOTH of our Glock 19's, CONSISTENTLY, and a little better in a full-sized or longslide Glock 17.....That's pretty hot for non-+P 9mm HP's, and I feel comfortable using it for SD:

    Glad I "bought it cheap and stacked it deep" before the craziness started.....$189 a case, out the door:

    The "Love That Razorback-Made Ammo" One....
    Really good advice from Doc.
    I've had really good luck with Fiocchi over the years. I once picked up some truncated 9mm (cone nose) in 124 gr that was just a little too hot for my Sig 226. Other than that, I could never say anything bad about any kind of Fiocchi I've shot.
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    I'm liking Fiocchi ammo too. This guy >>> Name:  trooper target 1.jpg
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Size:  226.1 KB wasn't really thrilled about it.
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