ammo question/ ppu
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Thread: ammo question/ ppu

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    ammo question/ ppu

    well first of all, thank you forum members for the birthday wishes!! my brain still thinks it's 17 some times (the fun part of my brain) the physical part of me reminds my brain that it's not 17 anymore!!!
    any way my question is it's still hit or miss out there with ammo, but it looks like some has trickled in to my local Wally world is any body familliar with PPS ammo ?? I think its made in Serbia but have never used it, I'm not looking for match grade ammo, just ammo, they had some in 9mm , 380 and 45acp , I have used Wally world TulAmmo with good success , but dont know much about the PPU , what can you tell me ??
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    Hi Critter, Zigzag posted this same question under "ever used this" seems that everyone who used it liked it. I myself have not but I have picked up PPU brass and reloaded it without any problems.
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    I like the PPU ammo. It's affordable and it's pretty clean shooting in my handguns. I have a few boxes for some of my rifles and I expect about the same from it. So far I've never had a misfire or failure with it. Considering all of the recent price hikes and gouging going on, it's one of the few ammo brands that hasn't been too over priced, and it's available. Sellier and Bellot ammo is another sleeper.

    I'd say go for it.

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    ^Privi Partizan is okay.
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    For the price, I think it is excellent ammo. I primarily shoot it in the 7.62x54r, but do have some boxes of the 9mm as well. It has always shot well for me and is not all nasty dirty.
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