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    how to clean and breakdown my 6906 S&W 9mm

    Hi folks, first time post here, I have searched the forum and have not come up with any results that i need. My father in law gave me 2 pistols , a S&W mod 29-2 revolver and a S&W 6906 9mm. The first thing I wanted to do was clean them both as much as possible before i shoot them for the first time. I am some what new to guns so I have been doing some reasearch online trying to figure out how to break down the gun and give it a nice cleaning job. the youtube search hasn't come up with much either.

    I have gone to S&W website and haven't had much luck there either. can anyone point me in the right direction with any information on how to do this?

    breaking down and cleaning the 9mm is much more difficult than the revolver.

    BTW. I do feel like a bad ass when i hold the Dirty Harry gun!


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    Re: how to clean and breakdown my 6906 S&W 9mm

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    Re: how to clean and breakdown my 6906 S&W 9mm

    Taking it down is fairly easy (although my slide release never popped out that easily)'s getting it back together that's the hard part....I've never been able to do it with my fingernail, but with a screwdriver, it's fairly easy to push down those rear detents one at a time....the next hard thing is the slide stop...Pushing in the stop while moving the slide back ala the youtube video is much easier than trying to line it up and then drop it in.
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    Re: how to clean and breakdown my 6906 S&W 9mm

    do you have any pictures of your fine hand guns?

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    Re: how to clean and breakdown my 6906 S&W 9mm

    Here's another U-Tube video that also shows disassembly of a 3rd Generation S&W auto..
    Note that this guy captures the hammer as he's removeing the slide & doesn't allow it to slam the frame as it decocks as the 1st video guy did.. Don't Do This To Your Frame..PLEASE!!
    When reinstalling the slide I have no trouble pushing the three levers down with my finger tips
    I have no trouble removeing the slide stop lever or reinstalling, i just push on the lever from the opposite side & wiggle it out, To reinstall I line everything up first looking through the frames hole to asure it's lined up & simple push the lever back in
    The recoil rod assembly has a spring loaded plunger at it's rear that causes the resistance you feel when installing & removeing the lever.. I slightly oil this plunger & the slide stop levers shaft too..
    Her's AGIs Video on 3rd Generation S&W Feild Stripping..
    Here's a few pics of the four 9mms I have laying here to clean..All Smith & Wesson & all 9mms
    3913NL- Pair of 940s-Model 547


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