Cleaning the black off your Revolvers
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Thread: Cleaning the black off your Revolvers

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    For a stainless revolver, you could drop it in an ultrasonic cleaner, I'd remover the grips first, that would clean it inside and out, just toss it in the oven at 150 for a bit to dry it out before reassembly. Seams like it'd be an easy solution

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    00 Bronze wool and cleaner of your choice.

    That's what I use to clean the powder residues off the flutes and the flat areas on the sides of the cylinder between the flutes.

    I don't worry too much about the face of the cylinder. Not worth it. Carbon burn rings at the cylinder to forcing cone gap are a fact of life with revolvers that get shot. And all of mine get shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PriseDeFer View Post
    The gun cleaning and polishing mania shows an underlying disconnect with, and fear of, the elements of fire and brimstone that are the physical and spiritual basis of the non-socially subjugated animus of the firearm.
    Keep the barrel and cylinder clean. They effect function. That buildup on the cylinder face is a badge of performance. I only clean it to see what was like when new.

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    Guess I'm anal. My 460 gets black, not only on the cylinder face but all around the cylinder and muzzle brake and Gearchecker turned me on to the Birchwood Casey cleaning cloths. Work like a charm. I hate a cruddy looking revolver.

    Would take a pretty big ultrasonic cleaner to submerge a long barrel 460. Wading pool sized....
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    I just use Flitz and an old sock to clean that stuff right off my SS revolvers. It cleans the rings from the cylinders, the area around the outside of the cylinder and the stuff around the barrel/cylinder gap.

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