626 44 mag problem
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Thread: 626 44 mag problem

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    Cool 626 44 mag problem

    has anyone ever had a 626 44 mag fire twice with one pull of the trigger. it happened three times to me.how is that even possible.its a s+m double action that has only been used 3 times.

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    I have heard of this happening with larger caliber pistols. The first shot is single action, the recoil causes your finger to come off the trigger, it resets and you squeeze the trigger without realizing it and the second shot is bouble action.
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    This can happen if you don't have good follow through on your shot - as you squeeze the trigger, make sure you continue squeezing until you re-acquire your sights (after the recoil has played out and you've re-steadied your gun) - my fiance's best friend did this to one of my guns when she was learning to shoot. Don't stop squeezing the trigger until you're ready to fire again. Then you release, reset the trigger, and start all over again.

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    I see you are a little new to this forum. So, Welcome Aboard. You have come to the right place to get some answer and maybe some free knowledge. From reading your post and the specific question, I get the feeling you are new to S&W's and maybe even the good old .44 Magnum. Pardon me if I am wrong.
    The gun you discuss should be a Model 629. Bright shiny stainless steel. Hopefully it has grips on it that fit your hand and allow you to reach the trigger and also maintain control of the gun during the recoil portion of firing. You and the handle on the thing need to be firmly connected. This may be the problem that RD discussed with you. You could have a very loose grip and it causes you to bump the trigger during full recoil.
    If you have shot an old Colt or Ruger cowboy gun with a plow handle type grip you may have developed a loose grip. Those guns seem to work a little better if there is some movement in the gripping surface. They want to recoil uphill and rotate in your hand. That is not the case with a S&W .44. Hang on for all you can.
    You might consider switching to a light load in .44 Special. They will shoot just fine in your gun and they have a whole lot less recoil. Very pleasant to shoot.
    You might consider a switch to another gun to improve your skills and then go back to the big boy boomer. A .357/.38 is a good center fire gun to start with and even better is the K22. Same size as most .38's except it shoot the .22LR.
    You do not mention your age, ability, experience, or size. A .44 Magnum will wreck havoc on you if you are lacking in any of those four.
    I am around 62 years old, 6'2" 280 plus and have shot for 50 years. I don't like a full power .44 all that much.
    Have some other folks shoot that gun, shoot some lighter loads in it. Maybe have a gunsmith check it out for you. Guns break and fail.
    Try all that and get back with us. We do not charge for free or bad advice.



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