Detachable shoulder stock for Ruger Vaquero
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    Detachable shoulder stock for Ruger Vaquero

    I am not sure of the legalities of this, but I wonder how hard it would be to make a detachable shoulder stock for my 7 1/2 inch Vaquero (original style). Right now while I am waiting for my left hand to heal up, I really can't use a rifle or shotgun and hold it up for more than a second. I can't afford to buy one of those Uberti SAA carbines, so this is what I am thinking. I was thinking of retrofitting something like a 1873-1894 buttstock with a way maybe to secure it where it can be detached.
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    I think that might be classed an AOW according to ATF.

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    Dave, Sorry to read of your misfortune. My understanding is that unless the gun falls into the pre-1946 niche and was originally a stocked model e.g. Ingliss, Mauser, Luger etc. you are in the ATF's pocket. The exception would be if you could meet the 16 inch barrel and 26 (?) inch overall reqirement. I think stocked pistols fall into SBR not AOW ($200 not $5). I read up on this years ago prior to stocking an Ingliss and later a Luger. It was at the time a narrow window.

    Having said that: For research purposes I would look at the stocks that were made for the old cap & ball Dragoons and Army Models. I suppose someone makes/sells them. Wouldn't speculate on differences in grip dimensions. Another thought would be to take a lesson from Browning and fashion a stock completely out of a single plank by replacing the off-side grip with a single unit.

    Get well soon.



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