Taurus Tracker model 992 - .22 LR / .22 Mag revolver - Here is two cents worth...
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Thread: Taurus Tracker model 992 - .22 LR / .22 Mag revolver - Here is two cents worth...

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    Taurus Tracker model 992 - .22 LR / .22 Mag revolver - Here is two cents worth...

    I have had the gun for two weeks, but have been out of town most of that time, and did not shoot the gun until today.

    I headed out late this afternoon to Flat Iron mountain, which is perhaps 20 miles West of the Phoenix metro area. I took it out of its box and removed the 22 mag cylinder and replaced it with the .22 LR cylinder. This gun is blued and it has a 6.5 inch barrel. It is a heavy revolver for a 22.

    The cylinders are unfluted. They are engraved with either .22 LR or .22 Magnum on the cylinders. It is fitted with what Taurus refers to as a "Ribber" grip, which has thin lines of rubber aligned around it. It feels well enough in the hand, I would have liked it to be extended a bit longer. I think these grips will not look as good in a few years. I will probably refit it with Hogue rubber grips or better yet, wood grips if I can find them. But, these grips on the gun do allow a snug purchase on it, and with a soft feel on the hand.

    This gun was stiff when I first got it out of the box. All over. The hammer has a fairly firm pull on it. The trigger and the hammer are MIM parts. The trigger is not especially appealing in looks, but feels okay, with a smooth surface. The barrel is fitted with a vented rib, somewhat like the Python. The finish is smooth on the gun and it has a medium polish on it. "Tracker and Taurus" are deeply stamped into the barrel, along with the calibers.

    The cylinder release dragged when I pushed on it. My general impression was the gun had little or no lubrication on it from the factory. The cylinder dragged a bit after shooting perhaps 75 round. An application of liquid Remington oil liberally on the cylinder, crane, firing pin, trigger and other open parts dramatically improved the way things felt. The double action pull felt somewhat gritty before, but smoothed with use. The rem oil made it feel a bit better.

    I started with .22 LR cartridges. I hate Remington Golden Bullets. I bought a bunch 4 years ago on sale. I had hoped to use this gun to burn off the rest of them. They were uniform in that they were VERY sticky extraction. I had to tap on the ejector rod with a plastic ammo case to eject them, every time. The Winchester Wildcats were somewhat better, but were still a bit sticky. My impression was that the gun and parts might have been treated with some sort of preservative which might be causing this. Jeff Quinn at Gunblast.com reported there were several brands of .22 LR ammo which were sticky extraction. Wolf was one of them. He reported no issues with most ammo.

    The front sight has an orange insert which is visible enough, except when you go as late as I did in the afternoon. The rear sight is fully adjustable. I think the elevation needs to be down one notch. The gun was reasonably accurate hitting my new six inch rubber ground target. This gun is heavy for any revolver and I do believe it outweighs my 625 5 inch barrel in .45 ACP. The weight (assuming a .22 has any felt recoil), along with the ribber grips there is virtually no feedback to the hand. This would be a good beginner gun, as it has a modest report, almost no muzzle flash and virtually no recoil. Generally, the Wildcat cartridges performed better all around, including extraction. I believe that a good working over with a copper brush will fix this, as I do think it is due to some preservative treatment.

    To change over to .22 WMR cylinder is the work of perhaps 10 seconds. You tilt the cylinder out to perhaps 50 degrees, press the button on the side of the frame and it comes right out. The magnum cylinder goes in with identical ease, with no wiggling the thing around. It seats securely with no wobbling and is snug.

    The gun changes character shooting magnum loads. You do get some feedback, and some muzzle flash, even with the 6.5 inch barrel. The increase in power is perceptable and I think my accuracy actually was a bit better shooting Federal Game Shok hollow points. These consistently ejected with no effort at all and smoothly. The felt recoil is actually pleasant and adds to the feel shooting it. Again, the weight of the gun absorbs it.

    I switched to CCI vmax loads, which are a plastic tipped hollow point. These were NOTHING like the Game Shok loads. There is an increase in felt recoil and a substantial bit of muzzle blast. Not a fire breathing dragon, but you could tell there was some power. These were totally addicting and I burned through 50 rounds quickly. I could imagine using these for self-defense, regardless of the small caliber. I could also imagine taking jackrabbits or coyotes with these. They were hot loads. I have always liked CCI rimfire ammo.

    The CCI loads ejected with equal ease as compared to the Federal magnums. Effortless.

    The trigger pull requires more effort than any of my centerfire revolvers, most of which have had trigger jobs and new springs. However, the trigger stacks predictably and it signals you when it is ready to break. Slow to medium speed firing double action was about as accurate as single action firing. The single action feel was good. As I fired the gun, things started to slick up a bit and things felt smoother. The Rem oil improved that, and I think a total cleaning and oiling will make things better. I think part of the initial overall stiff feel was somewhat due to lack of lubrication.

    The gun was about half price of a new Smith and Wesson .22 LR revolver. The finish looks good. The overall appearance is okay. I think it might look better in stainless, and I generally prefer blued revolvers.


    1) Double action firing was predictable and the feel as it stacked clearly signaled when it was ready to break. I actually preferred shooting double action.

    2) Having a .22 LR / .22 WMR convertible gun which is FAST and easy to swap cylinders.

    3) Sights were adequate. I would prefer a traditional colored insert but the one supplied works. The front sight is pinned, so it can be swapped out.

    4) The vented rib gives a general appearance of a Python. It looks okay

    5) The button cylinder release is easy. When the cylinder is slid in place, it locks in securely and snugly with no play.

    6) The gun has overall nice lines.

    7) The magnum rounds are nice shooting out of this gun. The CCI loads made it feel like shooting a small caliber center fire revolver The .22 LR rounds shot out of it give little feedback.


    1) The "ribber" grips feel okay and are comfortable. I do not care for rubber grips and especially the appearance of these. Hogue rubber grips will go on it if I cannot find wood grips. I do not think these will hold up over the years, due to the very thin ribs on them. Some might like the soft feel

    2) Some may like the finish on this blued pistol. It has an okay appearance. I think the finish is half the reason that this gun is half the price of a Smith .22 revolver.

    3) Even for an MIM part, the trigger is ugly. The cavity on the backside is noted. The smooth face of it is good and feels good on the finger.

    4) The MIM hammer is okay and not especially attractive The hammer pull for single action is stiff and it would be nice if there was a bit more tang on the end of it for more leverage.

    5) A conventional plastic insert on the front sight would be better.

    6) The stampings for "Taurus" and "Tracker" are large and deep. They are a little over the top and do not add to the overall appearance, to me anyway.

    7) The cylinder release was very stiff at first. Oiling much improved this. I think a good cleaning and use of heavier oil, like FP10 will make it work better.

    8) The unfluted cylinders are somewhat industrial and unappealing in appearance. But I expect this is due to the 9 round capacity.

    Overall impression: Reasonably inexpensive. I think a good cleaning and lubrication and extensive firing will improve the feel of the gun. This is a heavier revolver and I do believe it outweighs my 625 which felt light in the hand after shooting the Taurus. The Smith also felt very high quality when you open the cylinder, trigger pull etc. It also shocked me when I fired it after firing the Taurus, because it seemed like it kicked like a mule and seemed like (for the first time) like a large bore handgun. That was after perhaps 200 rounds through the Taurus and I have hardly shot at all for more than 3 months.

    I cannot wait to get a proper set of grips on this gun. Some may like them, but I do not.

    An advantage, other than price over any S and W revolver in .22 caliber is the fact that I will not worry about scratches or dings. I bought this gun to have fun, plink and for my in-laws to enjoy when we get together. I think it will meet that need. The impression is that it will inspire confidence for inexperienced shooters. I have not owned a .22 magnum before, and I think it adds versatility without much increase in cost shooting it.
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    Excellent review, Dart! Very comprehensive.

    I had a BAD experience years ago with the ONLY Taurus revolver I've ever had (accidental discharge, .357 Mag 4", IN THE HOUSE when it was dropped!), so I haven't purchased any since then.....but yours looks like a sweet shooter! That "cylinder release" button in front of the trigger guard is pretty cool.

    I haven't shot my S&W 651 .22 Mag in years; but after reading this, I may have to "dust it off" for some range fun!

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    Nice review, thanks for sharing.

    I bought the small framed (similar to J) 9 shot stainless steel Taurus M-94 for the same reasons.

    Wanted a stainless steel plinker, but the last two S&W stainless kit guns I ran across were nearly $700.

    Got the Taurus for about half that.

    The DA triggers are pretty heavy on any rimfire, mine was no different.

    I removed the main spring strut and using "Mother's mag polish", a felt buff wheel and Dremel tool gave it a mirror shine.

    This slicked up the trigger markedly, but it was still heavy. I ordered lighter main springs from Wolff for it. The M94 replacement spring was a bit too light for reliability.

    So I relpaced it with a Wolff main spring for the .38 spl. Taurus M-85. They are the same frame sized but evidently a bit different it weight as it worked perfectly.

    I ended up with a smooth double action trigger pull that had been lighted from about 17 lbs. to 10 lbs. yet still reliable.
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    What a great write up. Thanks for posting it.

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