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    Is 180 grain too heavy for .40 S&W?

    I just acquired a S&W model 410 in .40 S&W and want to reload for this. However, most of my load data seems to be for 155-170 grain bullets. Is the 180 too heavy for .40 S&W? A local shop near me has Missouri Bullets cast bullets and I thought I would ask the forums first.


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    It seems that the 180 Gr bullet was one of the original standard loads for the .40
    I found a really good wiki page covering the .40 cal pretty well.
    The content of the article indicates loads have been worked up for bullets as light as 125 gr., and up to a 200 gr. bullet.
    You shouldn't have any trouble finding good load data for your 180 gr. round.

    Here's a link to the WIKI page: .40 S&W - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I wish you well, and hope you find the perfect bullet load for your pistol.
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    Gearchecker,Thank you for the reply. I have published 180 grain data but the abundance of data seems to support lighter loads for the .40. It should be fun working up the loads.



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