Heads up Washington St residents
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Thread: Heads up Washington St residents

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    Quote Originally Posted by Striper View Post
    Ya this Id-10-t has been spouting off about this for a while now. And with Twinkle Toes for governor, he is just being the point ma,.,.,.er person. And a little bit of correction to Snake, it is actually 4 counties that run the state, King and Pierce as stated but the other 2 are Snohomish and Clark. Snohomish has Everett and all the north part of what most folks call Seattle and Clark has Vancouver. With that voting block the rest of the state does not stand a chance. I'd even go so far as to say there are counties that the governor didn't even visit in his run for re election.

    Sounds like the same political landscape as what California has become... the few heavily populated and liberal metropolitan areas (San Francisco & Los Angeles) runs roughshod over the rest of the state at the ballot box... eventually creating a liberal "super majority" in the State Legislature and Governor's Office, where they can damn well do as they please.

    Not a good situation.

    A PRIME example why at the Federal level, the Electoral College must exist and survive all attempts by the liberals to dispense with it.

    BUT.... California gun owners were complicit too in allowing it to happen by being so apathetic in fighting back.

    The non-black rifle crowd figured "what do I care, I don't have and will never have one of those", then they started screaming bloody murder when the legislators began passing laws that affects all semi-auto rifles... too late Jake.

    Don't let Washington become Californicated... unite and fight!!
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    If the anti's spent as much time prosecuting drunk and drugged drivers, we'd wipe out one of the more onerous causes of untimely death. Just in the last weekend, in the mega city that ranges from Everett to Olympia (which includes Seattle and Tacoma, for those privileged to not be aware of the liberal haunts along I-5), more deaths and injuries were caused by drunks and druggies (wanna guess how many of these were under the influence of maryjane?) than guns possessed by CCW and NRA members. I haven't included the gangland shootings that seem to frequent Seattle, because as we all know, gangbangers and wannabes won't comply with any law these anti's drag up.

    Oh, I'm sorry, I've been preaching to the choir again.
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    Keep in practice, man. You May have a congregation some day. Stranger things have happened.
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