Lead in ammunition still an issue ?
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Thread: Lead in ammunition still an issue ?

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    Lead in ammunition still an issue ?

    I thought this had subsided , but if you know who is re-elected .............

    MILLER: Lead bullets under fire - Washington Times

    Below are two points that I didn't know ............

    Don Saba, a research scientist and National Rifle Association board member, said that these groups are deliberately attempting to confuse the public into thinking the lead in bullets is the same as lead paint that is harmful to children.

    “The lead that is used in ammunition is metallic lead and is a very inert material that does not dissolve in water and it is not absorbed by plants or animals,” Dr. Saba explained. “There is a tremendous toxicity difference between the highly inert metallic lead used in ammunition and the highly toxic lead compounds used in legacy leaded paints.”

    The ammunition demonized by the self-styled environmentalists happens to fund highly successful animal-conservation efforts. The Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937 set up an excise tax, now 11 percent, on ammunition and long guns and 10 percent for handguns. The resulting $7 billion in revenue over the years has gone toward restoring habitats for wild turkey, bald eagle, duck, elk and antelope populations

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    Environmental Hokum is their other ploy...

    Lead is mined from the ground where God put it in the first place.

    All firing ranges do is put it back where it came from originally.

    No problem...
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    A point of information/confusion: Lead shot ingested by birds, most notably waterfowl, is mistaken by their gizzards as grit (their substitute for teeth) and broken down and somewhat retained poisoning them. The basis for some of this crap. Non-toxic shot has been integrated into waterfowl hunting and some management areas since 1972.

    Whether this well intentioned change balances with crippled bird mortality is another question. It has been a boon to firearms and ammuntion manufacterers; the need to develop 3.5" cartridges and the shotguns to deliver them. Not to mention the rescue of the 10 ga. from near extinction.

    That eco-nazis or gun control advocates would attempt to transfer this concern to bullets is understandable but misplaced.


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    Thanx for the info George. Let me counter w/ this. Recently on this forum we've seen the huge amount of ammo the govmt' has purchased for their agencies. Well if it is good enuf' for their people then it should be good enuf' for us poor folks. It's either safe or it isn't. d
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    Hmmm, at least 4 of mine will shoot ball bearings... ever seen what a tempered steel ball will do to whatever it hits... Those same 4 can also fire marbles, just have to wrap them really well first...

    What's next, going after my percussion caps? I live over one of the biggest flint deposits in the country...
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    The only time I see lead in ammo as an issue, is when a perp dies from a sudden case of lead poisoning, and the good guy gets arrested for using it.

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    Teach them the truth, and let them sort thru the cobwebs of liberalism that have infested their minds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gearchecker View Post
    The only time I see lead in ammo as an issue, is when a perp dies from a sudden case of lead poisoning, and the good guy gets arrested for using it.

    I don't care if I hit the bad guy with a copper coated steel bullet so long as it does the job.
    But this environmental BS is keeping the US from becoming energy independent (yes we have the resources but the Saudis are making too much money and own a President and a lot of Congressmen).
    Now they are going to use it to try to circumvent the 2A.
    Well, they have an ally in the White House. They might get it done by Executive Order if he is reelected.

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    There may be something to it, I know I am getting sick and tired of this dead horse issue!



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