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    New M&P 15, did this get through quality?

    Hi everyone, happy new year. Been reading for a while and this is my first post. I just got a M&P 15, I haven't been able to fire it due to the weather these few weeks, but plan on doing that this weekend. But it's got a minor, but obvious flaw out of the box. I don't know if it's just bad luck or if this is pretty common. This is my fifth gun, a Remington hunting rifle, two S&W pistols, and a Hi Point pistol, and none of them had out of box defects, or any defects actually, even on the cheapo HP. I just saw the preview, I don't tend to be this wordy, but I guess I just got bummed out.

    I was always a fan of S&W, I love their rich history and figured that anyone that can stay in the business this long knew what they were doing. The two S&W pistols I have are great and I especially liked my M&P 9mm. They really did their homework on it and obviously put a lot of thought into making it a great design.

    So when I decided to get an AR 15, I was leaning towards the S&W M&P 15 from the beginning. My only reservation being that it was a new gun for S&W and there may be a few initial issues to be worked out. After doing enough research to satisfy myself that I've done due diligence and have reassured myself that it's a good gun and a great value, the decision was made to go with the M&P 15. I was all pumped about it.

    I then checked models and decided I was either going for the 15T or 15X model, then searched high and low to compare prices online, then checked with my local FFL. Well it turned out that the owner of the local FFL was in on the day I went, and I told him I was willing to pay a slight premium over the online guys because he's doing a service by providing the guns where I can check them out before buying them. Well, he must've been in a good mood, he agreed to let me have the one off the shelf for about 20 bucks over the price of a reputable online dealer once all the shipping and stuff has been added in, because the barrel's finish had a tiny scratch on it. It was no big deal to me since I'm not the type that treats them like museum pieces and don't mind it. I agreed to the deal right away.

    I looked through the gun quickly, took out the rear pin and checked the inside real good, it was brand new and still had the heavy oil on it and all, everything seemed just dandy. Well it must've been all that excitement, because I missed a obvious spot. The plate that is between the stock and the lower receiver was screwed in crooked, so instead of that little tab seating into the recessed area, it got bent from getting torqued in, plus the stock was also not aligned right. I can't explain it real well, so take a look at the pictures, it will be pretty clear.

    While it wasn't a huge deal and certainly not worth sending the gun back for, I bought that little plate and the AR15 stock wrench online and fixed it, and in the process got a few more scratches, too. No biggie on the scratches, but I was pretty bummed that nobody at S&W caught something that is fairly obvious before it was allowed to leave the factory. And this is making me wonder what kind of stuff is also getting missed by the factory, particularly the M&P 15 line. Does anyone have similar quality issues or bad experiences? Am I going to regret going with S&W on my AR?

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    Re: New M&P 15, did this get through quality?

    I'm surprised that made it out of the factory. These things do happen though.

    Did you happen to notice it when you bought it? I've purchased firearms and in my excitement didn't notice something until I got it home. It happens.

    It is a rather cheap and simple fix, but I would probably have had the dealer send it back or get you another one. I have friends that swear by the M&P's and do not think this is indicative of the rifles coming out of the factory. Somebody just dropped the ball.

    I do think that a call and maybe emailing a photo to S&W is in order. Any company needs to know about things like this.

    For future reference, I always wrap some electrical tape around the receiver extension nut a couple of wraps when removing it or putting it on.

    Hey, on the bright side, at least you didn't lose the buffer retainer pin!

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    Re: New M&P 15, did this get through quality?

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Re: New M&P 15, did this get through quality?

    Hi Von,

    A warm welcome to the forum.

    Visit and post often.

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