Exploding Bullz-I targets
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    Exploding Bullz-I targets

    Anyone ever use these?

    Many years ago I shot these targets several times a year and they were fun. On the forth of July, I break out dads pellet gun and make real noise in the back yard.
    Today, after cutting the grass I though of old times and looked for the neighbors on either side of me. One went camping as the camper is gone, the other went fishing (boat is gone). This is my time to have some fun!

    I reached for 2 targets and placed them on an ole tree in the back yard. The first one was kind of a dud as it just flamed up with a muffled report. The wife said that wasn't so bad. Hold on, stay right there and I fired at the second target. Ha, she jumped inside the house!

    It took a chunk of bark off the tree too.
    Sadly, they have been discontinued on account of the Bureau of AFFE regulations. You can't buy these any longer. I have 7 left, so I'll give them to a guy at work. He has a neighbor with a farm. It will give his grandson something to do.
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    Re: Exploding Bullz-I targets

    Sounds like alot of fun. The gubbermint can't allow that anymore, now can it...

    The latest thing like it is Tannerite. It too, give's a reaction when it's hit.

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    Re: Exploding Bullz-I targets

    You are talking about the white, stick on targets with the neon red center to them? Yeah those were lots of fun, I am sure glad my 'guvmint outlawed them for my own protection.

    I ahm prolly too simple to have 'em without blowing mah-sef up widdum!

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    Re: Exploding Bullz-I targets

    I was shooting a Bullseye match once and Brian Enos snuck one of those targets on the back of Rob Leatham's target.

    Since he was shooting his Pardini at the time it was a real kick when he finally set it off. Blew the entire backing off the target.

    Range Master didn't take it as much as a joke but everyone else had a good time about it

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    Re: Exploding Bullz-I targets

    This is a hint of how old In am. As a youngster I worked at the Charles County Magazine. ‘Twas the place where you could go purchase dynamite for 25 cents a stick, and caps for 5 cents. The dynamite needed be kept cool and dark. In hot dry weather , it would sweat , dry out, and leave what looked like salt on the outside. Inside you could see crystals. Then it made the most wonderful targets. Cut into 3 pieces, it was the size of a D cell battery, and I could hit them with my little Marlin 22 every time someone would throw them into the air. Full sticks made excellent rifle targets at range.

    Because of the leftist anarchists of the early 60s, I think, it could longer be sold in that manner, and the farmers lost a wonderfully useful tool, and a lot of folks grew up, unlike myself, with their hearing intact.


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    Re: Exploding Bullz-I targets

    Earlier this year I was out at a mudhole on BLM land north of Hayden, Idaho. There was this guy shooting at something and everytime he'd hit one it would explode and it was extremely loud. I figured he was shooting at 1/4 sticks of dynamite or something similar.
    A sheriff's car pulled up and the guy kept shooting, and blowing these targets up. The Deputy got out, talked to the guy for a while ,and then the deputy shot one. The deputy got back in his car and drove away after sitting around for 5 or 10 minutes more.
    I never found out what he was shooting but I guess they were legal by the response of the deputy. Now I'm thinking maybe, he might have been shooting at "exploding targets" like they used on Top Shot and what you're talking about here.
    Pretty cool targets from an old mans perspective! You get to go shooting, and blow things up at the same time.
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