Thoughts on 22 magnum snub nose
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Thread: Thoughts on 22 magnum snub nose

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    Thoughts on 22 magnum snub nose

    Hi looking to buy a snub nose 22 magnum.....not sure what make or model would like some input on them and prices....thanku

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    The .22 magnum has been a longtime favorite of mine; low recoil, out penetrate a .357, carry a lot of ammo easily, etc.. I had a S&W 351 PD (1 7/8" bbl.) but learned the .22 magnum in short barrels is all flash & no performance, there just isn't enough barrel to burn up the powder in that longer cartridge. The muzzle blast in low light was just short of Hiroshima in 1945 but offered no more velocity than a .22lr.. A 3" model 650 is the shortest I've had any performance with. Not much available in .22M snubbies @ any price, most folks discover they really don't work out & replace them w/ .38's of .357's..
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    ditto on injunbro, s&w 351pd and expensive

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    Back in the mid 70's I carried a High Standard 9 shot .22 magnum revolver with 2" barrel as an off duty weapon for a short period of time.

    Any distance farther than about 10 yards and the bullets had a tendency to keyhole due to not being stabilized by the short barrel length.

    It went with my second wife in the divorce settlement. I got the Colt Combat Commander in satin nickel.



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    Ditto Injunbro!!
    I have two .22 Mags but both have long, or relatively long barrels. The cartridge performs well when given time in the barrel. To me the longer the better. If you want to talk Hiroshima muzzle blast though try my little .221 Fireball or .30 carbine in a 10" Contender!!!!! WOW!
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    I can't speak for performance but I like to shoot my 650 with the 3" barrel, it shoots high for me at 12 yds. but dead on left to right. I like to carry a 22 snub for woods walking and plinking, usually a 63-3 2" but the 650 fits a little better. Expensive and loud like everybody says but it's fun and took a while to find it so I'm keeping it. My only pic after I found it.
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