Question for the Older Crowd
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Thread: Question for the Older Crowd

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1av8r View Post
    It is the age of sound bites, Twitter and bumper sticker philosophy. They all suffer from attention deficit syndrome because they have been conditioned that way.

    What was your question, again?
    Thank you for your conformation. ain't "just me".

    I'll continue my wrath upon the bastards.
    Death to the UN Agenda 21. Death to the New World Order. Death to the Hegelian Dialectic Process.

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    Sadly, more than once I've been forced to tell, an alleged, customer service person "slow down, I can't understand a word you are saying."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gus54 View Post
    When I moved down here, I had to lose the "Delta Drawl" talking on the phone. Many had a super hard time understanding me and.... I had one supervisor say "Wilson, don't ever make any obscene phone calls, everyone knows who it is".
    I fit the description at times of so laid back and relaxed that I can fall out of a bean bag chair.
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    Having a gun in your hand is much more effective than having the entire police department on the phone.

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    I am really glad this thread was started. I thought my brain was just slowing down. Itś hard for me to understand much of what is said on TV. Granted, I do have some hearing loss, but turning up the volume does not help much.
    My daughter is in her 50ś and she calls occasionally. She talks so fast that I have trouble getting a word in edgewise.
    Glad is not all just me.

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