Henry Big Boy in .357
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Thread: Henry Big Boy in .357

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    That is a good looking gun , I think your going to like it.
    There is just so much good new stuff going on with Henry levers these days.

    I too just dragged one home but it's the 20" steel version. It took me a convoluted trail to get me here. First 357 lever was a Rossi 92 . It shot great , 38 spl. worked fine but was sensitive to case length on 357 length rounds. In fact to get complete reliability I had to shorten the brass about .0010 and of course nothing but round nose bullets. It's funny I have the same Rossi 92 in 44 and 45 and they work fine . I guess gun to gun Rossi is still a crap shoot but their 92s are generally a pretty fair gun.
    So I decided I needed a Marlin . As soon as I found one the Rossi went down the road. Well, the Marlin cycling is a little choppy but livable .No slow levering , it's got to be done with authority. The problem is it will not shoot cast bullets in anything less than a fair pattern /group and that is a requirement for me. Stinking micro-groove and all that. I guess the newer Marlins got the rifling straightened out but I never see one for sale.
    Enter the Henry. Have not had a chance to smoke test it yet but I have high hopes. Rifling looks better for cast . and it cycles rounds much smoother that any of the previous guns. Heck, it even cycles semi-wadcutter ammo and you can work the lever slow .
    I will get out and test it soon but I'm thinking the Marlin is going down the road too. It needs a home where they shoot jacketed bullets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpus View Post
    She followed me home after work today.

    Wow! Just wow!

    Gonna be a tough wait for Saturday morning to hit the range.
    Uh... does she have a sister that's available to follow me home?

    Been wanting a Henry for quite some time... hard to decide when they keep coming out with new and neat stuff for 2017, like the .41 Mag and .327 Federal Big Boy Carbine and the two in the Big Boy Steel rifle and carbine models. Also the Long Ranger in .308, looks to be every bit as good as the Browning BLR, especially the wood and satin finish, I don't care for the high gloss "poly" finish on the Browning rifles.
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    I'd take off work today and go shoot, BUTT, I are retired! Good Shootin! nice rifle.
    Shoot straight, Pardner!

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    Henry's are simply great rifles. I'm sold on them. It amazes me how many different types & calibers of lever actions they come up with and I wonder how long it'll continue until they settle down to a select few offerings. I hope not. They're a breath of fresh air and produce a great product. Now, if they'll only produce that all steel carbine in .32-20 with a case hardened receiver..........I'm first in line.
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    Great looking rifle. Didn't I just see that on the Marlin forum?

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    I have said this a few times before, but you will find the .357 caliber WILL DO in your carbine what most people only think it will do in a handgun.

    I do not own a .357 presently, but have many times in the past.
    The .357 Magnum in a carbine displays what I call "Ballistic Resonance" in which its power and destruction far exceeds its recoil and velocity.
    Shoot some 185 grain Remington scalloped JHP bullets in your new sweetheart into a gallon milk jug filled with water and you will see what I mean.

    Now I have settled down to .44s and .38s. Almost all niches in this world are filled by the .44 Special and .44 Magnum and the .38 Special.

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