A Bear of a story...
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Thread: A Bear of a story...

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    A Bear of a story...

    Then there was the time I decided to seriously hunt bear. I was never really one to start something without being fully educated. So I read the book "BEAR ATTACKS; THEIR CAUSES AND AVOIDANCE'S", BY Stephen Herrero. Well I could not put the book down. I went out and bought bear bait lure, consulted with Steve Shelton on how to build a Bear Bait container. We cut a 55-gallon drum in half length wise, and found some old heavy grate for a removable top. I got some old meat and mixed this lure in it. Good Lord, Neighbors in the community of Carbondale some 10 miles away were reporting a foul smell. It was even rumored the EPA was lurking about.

    Well Steve and I hauled that contraption and all the intended ingredients up this hill near a stream, and in a place where the wind would blow my scent down away from the bait and the rushing water would conceal any noise.

    Faithfully everyday I would haul a fresh batch of meat and day old donuts up the hill to the bait station, and quietly leave. Well about after a week, I started noticing that someone was fooling around with the bait station. Hell I would get up there and the two grates had been neatly stacked up against a tree, and the large rock to hold them down had been moved it about five feet away. I would put everything back and next day same thing. I was about as mad as I could be. I called Shelton and asked him to go with me, and to bring a rope I was going to string someone up. Shelton declined the necktie party, said something about working. So I asked Gordon Lamoy to go with me. Gordon was about 20 plus years my senior, and was a sheep rancher. He didn’t have much use for bears, and I suspect had seen a few necktie parties in his life as evidenced by his overwhelming joy to go with me. Gordon told me later he was going because he never shot a bear before… Sure Gordon.

    Well Gordon and I hiked up the Mountain trail, carrying all the food, and the "Rope", couldn’t forget the rope after all it was suppose to be a neck tie party. Anyway we got up there and sure enough everything was disturbed just like the four previous days. So I fixed everything up and Gordon and I set up behind the Blind, and waited. It was in the month of May 1985.

    Well about 7pm I think, it was still daylight anyway, I started hearing this sound like a pig rutting around for grub, my scope filled with BROWN FUR. “Holy smoke I think that’s a bear”, I said to Gordon. Sure enough it was a bear. Well that bear came in and swatted the rocks off the grates like a tennis player would swat a tennis ball with a racket, then the bear took the grates off the container and stacked them against the tree as neat as you wish. I couldn’t get a good shot at him, and I was excited as schoolboy getting his first kiss. Well, I had left the bag that I carried everything in by accident hanging in the tree next to the bait station, Just then the Bear stood up to get at the bag and before I knew it the 7mm mag. roared and Gordon was as surprised as I was. And suddenly the bear was gone. And it was getting dark, in the forest. Well Gordon and I crossed the stream, and I just finished reading the Book about bear attacks, was as scared as a virgin on her wedding night. I armed myself with the Remington 7 mag in my left hand and a Smith & Wesson model 29, 44 mag in the right hand and we went looking for the Bear. Gordon to this day, God rest his soul, is NUTS. We found the bear all rolled up in the tall grass. And not sure if the bear was dead or not Gordon laid down his rifle and bent over the bear. He unrolled the bear, looked into the bear’s eyes. I couldn’t get a good look at what Gordon was seeing, and I asked Gordon if the Bear was dead. Gordon, said let me check. (Now HE checks). Gordon, took the bears jaws, separated them with his hands, and looked down the Bears throat. Hell I could have filled my britches with human waste at that moment, when Gordon turns around and says Yep; I think He’s dead.

    Well we got the bear gutted out and put up on a safari pole like you see in the jungle movies. It was dark by now and no word from me to anyone. Gordon and I started out of the forest with small flashlights in our mouths trying to haul this Bear out. I don’t remember what time it was when we got back to the car, but it was late and Gordon and I were so damn tired that we “bearly” had the energy to take a sip of Apricot Brandy, a hunting tradition with me and my uncle Don, that I kept up. I said “Bearly”; we did get our drink in, and headed for home about twenty minutes away from where I lived up the Frying Pan River Valley just outside of Basalt Colorado. By the way the rope did come in handy after all. And after all my hunting trips I still have a piece of that rope. I had the bear done into a rug.

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    Sounds like you should have packed in a card table and chair and some silver ware for the bear. After he neatly stacked the grates he could have sat down all proper like to eat his rotten meat and donuts and you also should have left some milk and glass for him to use since donuts just are not as good with out a glass of milk.
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