Tall tales and other bad advice at the gun shop
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Thread: Tall tales and other bad advice at the gun shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by WendyZXZ View Post
    Injunbro I would not be surprised to hear that conversation with how some are with their knowledge, or lack of.
    A friend & I actually heard that converstion several years ago in a small shop in another state, we never went back.
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    I have heard some of the TALLEST tales, and some of them were quite possibly true, from retired LEO's hanging around my buddies' gun shop over the years.

    My buddy (retired LEO hisself) and I were talking about a mutual LEO acquaintance of ours that was a local legend.....28 years on the county force, retired from there, became C.O.P. for a 6-man local city force after that, all the while working side security jobs, and chasing every woman in town from 18 to 80......he never slept.

    My buddy said that when he was a rookie in 1972, his training officer was our mutual LEO friend, Gary.....they got a call for an "attempted suicide, man with a handgun"......they roll up on the scene, found this guy drunk as a skunk, with a Model 28 in his hand, cocked, pointing it at his temple.....my gun shop buddy called it in, the older, more experienced buddy Gary walked halfway up the stairs, trying to calm this guy down.....just then, one of the local "cowboy" cops comes careening up, draws his 4" Model 19, cocks it, runs up behind my older buddy Gary, eases the Model 19 under his right arm, aiming it at the guy, telling him "Gary, move to the left, I GOT HIM!!!".......

    My buddy Gary SLOWLY turned around, put his hand over the "Cowboy's" piece, made him uncock it and lower it, and said "He's trying to commit SUICIDE, Buck! SHOOTING HIM WON'T HELP!" Gary said the cop behind him was crazier than the guy in FRONT of him .....long story short, they talked him out of the gun, a night in the drunk tank, even let him get coffee at Denny's before they locked him up....next day, guy made up with his wife, Gary gave him his Model 28 back (unloaded!), and EVERYBODY WENT HOME SAFE. That same Cowboy Cop about three months later was chasing a fleeing felon down by the river, shooting at him as he ran, hit a $50,000 boat moored at a dock in the hull with 4 .357 slugs, and sank it. County footed the bill.

    They don't make Cops like Gary anymore.....

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