The .32-20 revolver
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    The .32-20 revolver

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    link doesn't work .... for me
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    Hi David (and everyone):

    I had to wait awhile, but the link eventually worked for me (it acted like a slow server).

    That is another good article David.................I too am a fan of the often over looked 32-20 caliber.

    Here's my Colt Police Positive Name:  ColtPolicePos32-20a.jpg
Views: 2051
Size:  85.3 KBName:  ColtPolicePos32-20b.jpg
Views: 1674
Size:  87.1 KB I also have an Army Special with a 6" barrel that I've loaned/gave to a friend.

    And, here's my early S&W Hand Ejector (1905 1st Model) in 32-20 Name:  IM005253.jpg
Views: 749
Size:  96.5 KBName:  IM005254.jpg
Views: 705
Size:  90.7 KB

    Name:  IM005255.jpg
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Size:  97.1 KB

    I'd like to acquire a single action in 32-20 too and I'm also keeping my eyes open for a companion lever gun in the same caliber.

    For those who have never shot this caliber, you're really missing's a pleasure to shoot and can be quite accurate............IMHO, it's a perfect small game caliber out of a revolver and from a rifle, the high velocity rounds should work well on medium size targets.

    Indeed, I've heard of some folks that have damaged early revolvers by stuffing the high velocity rounds into their guns. I wonder if the later model case hardened S&W Hand Ejectors will safely handle the high velocity loads?

    Regards All,

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    David, the link worked in the early afternoon today. Thanks for this piece on a somewhat forgotten caliber. The 32 Winchester as it was known early on and is on the barrel of my target model, was a well thought of small game cartridge in my neck of the woods some 50+ years ago. It was known as a flatter shooting cartridge than the 38 special and as trapping was still popular it appealed to local trappers more so than a 22 handgun. Our local constable (our only lawman in our rural township) armed himself with a Colt (I'm guessing a Police Positive) as his duty weapon. My suggestion (I was a teenager and turning out hickory night sticks on a wood lathe for the auxiliary police at the time) that he get a 357 magnum, brought about an unsuspected outburst, which amounted to a sales job on the virtues of the 32-20. I always thought that a 32-20 revolver would be a better caliber for my woods explorations than my K-22. This led me to years later buying this 5 inch target model for a nominal price; it had been reblued. The adjustable sights are very skinny and not kind to old eyes, but it is still a good shooter. By the way, I found two old Wonder Sights still in the package, I think I'll try one on one of my 38/44 HD's to see how good it works. Thanks for an interesting piece. Hank



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